Pedigree for Moon Rise Beat About The Bush DNA VP

Ch. Briarbrooks Pole Position DNA-CP


Ch. Briarbrooks Valedictorian

Ch. My Main Man of Heatherhill HOF

Ch. Aqua Dulce Final Option DNA CD

Moonspinner of Brigadoon

Ch. Briarbrooks Silver Sequence

Ch. Briarbrooks Coat of Arms

Ch. Shadowmere's Close to Midnite

Ch. Briarbrooks Bundle of Joy

Ch. Briarbrooks Shake the Blues

Ch. Fieldmaster's Three Ring Circus

Ch. Patch Work Quilt

Ch. Briarbrooks Marque of Patchwork HOF

Ch. Sun's Mark of Windermere CD

Three Pine Carbine
Ch. Black Velvet's Moon Rise DNA-CP


Ch. Gitalong's Darkside O'the Moon DNA CP

Ch. Topper's Ace of Spades

Ch. Arrogance of Heatherhill CD STDd

Copper Canyon's Red Flannel CD STDc

Ch. Blue Moon on Stillwaters CDX TD STDds

Ch. Saragota of Brigadoon

Cookin' with Sage of Brigadoon

Gingerbred's Felony Abduction

Ch. Gingerbred's Felony Blackmale DNA CP

Ch. Hisaw's Meucci Original

Starswept's Beyond the Skies

Gingerbred's Hug me Tight DNA CP

Ch. Huggie Bear of Shy K&D CD

Stardust Stormy's Delight CD

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