Meckenheim March 23rd/24th 2002

This weekend was extremely exciting. Cookie lacked only 5 points to finish his championship. Accordingly we were very expectant! And for the first time puppys which were bred by us started in the conformation ring. Jake, Cookie's son, who has been BOSP last year, started 12-18 months this time.

On Saturday Jake won his group and Cookie received the blue ribbon in Open Blue Merle. So it happened that father and son had to compete in the Winner's Dog Ring. Cookie became RWD - well, that was close!

Sunday started off very exciting again. Cookie's und Chica's son Tigger (Skippy's Can't Shake A Stick At) became Best Of Breed Puppy!!! Congratulations to Angelique and her family to Holland!

Tigger goes Best Of Breed Puppy
Cookie won his group and found himself in the Winners Dog Ring. This time he gave his best and jumped and barked not as much as usually. Taking his final round he floated over the ground and was pointed out for Winner's Dog. We were mad with joy!!! He had completed his 15 Major Points and had finished his championship! The FIRST ASCA Champion with a long tail!

In the Best of Breed Ring Lori Acierto picked him to be her Best Of Winners and Best Of Breed. We are sooooo very proud of him!

Cookie with Senior Breeder Judge Lori Acierto and his handler Nicole Frenz, who has shown him with dedication for two years.

Best Of Breed New ASCA Champion

A very warm thank you to Nicole Frenz, who handled Cookie outstanding, and to Peter, who didn't let anybody disturb him grooming Cookie and who was satisfied only when all the "helicopter landing places" on Cookie's back were gone.

Lots of kisses & hugs to Angela Kleinhans, without her I wouldn't have my Cookie! Thanks for letting me take care of him!

And last but not least thank you very much to the American judges Debra M. Gower, Sheila Polk und Lori Acierto, who picked Cookie out of 175 conformation dogs each day to be their winner.

* Debra M. Gower - May 19th 2001 WD, BOW & BOB

* Sheila Polk - May 20th 2001 WD, BOW

* Lori Acierto - March 24th 2002 WD, BOW & BOB